Cosmetic manufacturers catching up with the benefits of Emu Oil

Although it’s been around since long before the days of Clinique, Tresemme and others, it seems that it’s only now that the big cosmetic manufacturers are realising the benefits of Emu Oil.
Emu Oil’s Omega 3 rich, nontoxic, deeply penetrating oil is great for keeping skin and hair looking healthy.
However we are a little concerned that when mixed with all the other chemicals in these products whether the same effect may be achieved?
We recommend that to achieve the very best results, try using Pure Emu Oil separately to your other products.
After washing the shampoo out of your hair and drying it, use a little of our oil to remoisturise, add shine and control frizz.
After washing with soap/shower washes, use some of our oil to rub into your skin for deep penetrating moisture to keep your skin looking healthy, firm and sexy!
Don’t forget that Emu Oil has been shown that there may also be positive benefits to certain medical complaints such as eczema, arthritis and even sunburn!